Advice During An Infodemic


As some may know I have long had a love hate relationship with the internet, particularly social media for a very long time. FB fasts during lent just don't cut it anymore. Years ago I watched a documentary about how addictive social media is and that has proven true time and again. After watching a documentary recently by former social media staff about how we are the product my fears were confirmed. Something has to change. I have been working on a semi detox of late. I have reduced interactions (admittedly I go to the extreme opposite at times). I have reduced use of Insta, I no longer have it on my phone, and set it to private for friends and family only. With FB I have reduced my friend list to just family. Primarily I plan to make it functional only. A place to share family photos and occasional updates mainly. I no longer allow notifications on my device except works WhatsApp during work hours only and messenger/texts. I am trying hard to comment less on things that bug me and just overall stop helping the algorithm machines that control us all. How successful I will be in this semi detox only time will tell, but during this infodemic it seems necessary as much for mental health as anything else to take measures. My only advice without being preachy is take measures to protect yourself and others. They don't need to be the same as me. They can be not as extreme or more extreme as you please. Of course you may already be doing something to limit the tyranny of social media over our lives. I came across the video attached from the WHO that also has some advice during this time and here is another link of myth busters. Furthermore let us all pause before we share.

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